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By momentsintime25, Sep 6 2016 08:10PM

Wedding season is in full swing!!! its a great time of year to have fun and to enjoy the families coming together! I can not wait to shoot this wedding in october!!! check back for more

By momentsintime25, Sep 6 2016 08:02PM

Its that crazy time of year again, where everyone is back in school and you are finishing out the last year of high school with your senior! May be your first child thats graduating soon or even your last child to be graduating. The milestones they have reached and over come make you overjoyed with what their adult life will be like! This Senior was such a joy to work with. Her smile and personality shined thru and was so effortless to take pictures of.

Thanks again Jaramillo Family for letting me capture so many wonderful images of your daughter!!!

By momentsintime25, Dec 19 2015 05:05PM

Session includes 30 min mini session, and 2-5x7's 2-4x6's Digital Copies are sold separate. Please Comment with your name and pm me your email address and phone number, all applicants will be put into a basket and one winner will be picked. Deadline is December 25, 2015 and winner will be announced Dec. 26, 2015 Good luck everyone and please feel free to share with your friends and family!!!!

By momentsintime25, Nov 25 2015 06:58PM

These two little girls were adorable from the beginning to the end. we were able to capture so many cute smiles and love between two cousins. the weather couldnt of been more perfect. some times working with little kids you never know what your going to get. but with these two little beautiful girls they were a breeze!

Thankyou again kayla for allowing me to take their pictures!!!

By momentsintime25, Oct 5 2015 07:53PM

Moments In Time is going to be starting a monthly news letter to let you know of up coming specials and discounts being offered . if you would like to be put on the mailing list ,please be sure that I have your address . they will be sent out thru email and regular mail. Also be sure to check out the blog on the website for photo of the week. Feel free to share with friends I give something for booked referrals .

By momentsintime25, Sep 25 2015 02:05PM

This is one of my favorite images that i have taken of my neice! And im not saying that because i am her aunt. the way she is laying her face on her daddys shoulder is just way to adorble. I took this photograph while we were in IRELAND. it was orgininaly in color but i loved when i turned it black and white how the contrast and shadows made her face pop out for you to see better. She naturally has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. She is going to be breath taking when she grows up. Sometimes an image looks better in color and sometimes in black and white . just depends on the feel you are going for. I know personally i love black and white for portraits that are captured with the person not paying attention . you get more of that raw emotion in the picture then you would if the subject is looking at you in a posed form.

By momentsintime25, Sep 25 2015 02:00PM

I had the pleasure of taking this sweet little girls photos. Her and her mommy are just a joy to be around! Her mom wanted to capture her every month to see how she changes, i will admit i did the same thing with my two boys. I enjoyed taking her pictures so much not only because she is adorable, but the fact that she laid there and let me be in her face and let me lay her on her tummy was amazing! all photographer wish that their shoots that have kids in them go that way. I look forward to taking her pictures again and making sure that we capture that cute adorable smile that she always has!!

By momentsintime25, Sep 25 2015 01:55PM

One of my clients and also friend, has been on a weight loss journey! she had asked me to take pictures of her at her 12 week mark to see if she could see a difference in the pictures from when she first started. I definality can see a huge difference. Im so very proud of her for sticking with it and making the choice to better her life. I know she is happy with the results and still is on her journey ! She will be hitting another 12 week mark soon and we hope to capture more of her change. At first it was hard for her to be in front of the camera, since she is a fellow photographer as well. but she is a natural and was so easy to work with. I cant wait to see what the next pictures turn out like!